Enterprise AI

edge is a new kind of AI interaction tool for making predictions, finding unknown unknowns and deploying AI.


It solves for the limitations of traditional business intelligence, revealing unknown unknowns in minutes, no matter how complex the corporate database.


This is all while allowing millisecond access to the entire data all at once — you can literally put it all up on the screen.


Further, it allows corporations to test and deploy AI models quickly with many fewer personnel.

Handle the complexity of your data

Handle img

Customers pour any kind of data into edge, a “one stop shop” for

  • Any kind of question of the data
  • True AI-driven predictions (churn, missed customer events, network failures…anything)
  • ROI >10x

No code whatsoever

  • Answers, insights key findings appear automatically on data load-in
  • Natural language querying available
  • Traditional code-based queries are fully replaced with a totally revolutionary visuo-spatial technique

Edge Features

Uniform fused data structure

Our process auto-encodes all data into one fused graph upon import, providing a single source of truth as well as a dynamic schema. Connecting everything in a graph makes both longitudinal and one-hop insights equally accessible.


Analyze without any code

Insights appear automatically on data load-in, and traditional code-based queries can be accomplished faster and with no code, enabling decision-makers to answer questions within minutes. Visual exploration of all data, schemas and models are in one place.


Backtrack every step and assumption

All AI recommendations are traceable, tractable and justifiable as patterns are presented using the raw data to allow the data to speak for itself. AI auto suggestions to get you further than what you knew to ask.


Edge Use cases

Customer Churn

Using edge we can look at churn data and with a few steps be able to explore which features are most likely to indicate higher rates of losing customers.


Employee Retention

Explore which factors are most likely to keep employees happy and working for a company the longest.