Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024 – dRISK wins AI and Mobility Data Startup of the year

2nd Apr 2024 dRISK

What has a mine got to do with data?

dRISK attended the Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024 event held in Paris in March, showcasing our new Edge product which is an AI Powered Data Insights tool, originally launched at CES 2024 in Las Vegas three months prior to this event. The tool was entered into the Start up challenge in the AI and Mobility Data category. Now in its 9th year, the Autonomy Mobility Startup Challenge – formerly known as Funding the Movement – recognises and celebrates startups that are bringing new innovations and enabling transformation in the mobility sector. It is open to startups presenting projects, products, solutions, ideas, or prototypes focusing on any of the Themes in our mobility ecosystem. 18 startups were pre-selected to pitch on the AMWE stage and of these 7 would receive a prize and international recognition.

Pitching was tough with some serious competition from great technology solutions and some very creative speakers. Rav, COO at dRISK opted to focus on the problem dRISK’s Edge tool solves. The example used was the gold mining industry. For every 1g of gold found in a mine, 1 tonne of rock must be mined. Imagine keeping and storing the 1 tonne of rock as it contains 1g of gold. Surely the most successful mines would be those who separated the gold from the rock the most efficiently and fastest. Understanding what was valuable and what was not.

Modern businesses know just how important data is. It is effectively the new gold. Collecting and storing this can be expensive and often it is stored in silos with no interconnection between databases. The true value of the data held, can never be obtained. dRISK’s Edge tool is able to fuse enterprise scale datasets of any type. It intelligently connects data points between datasets and then goes on to find patterns, outliers and anomalies in the datasets. It finds the unknown, unknowns in your data and answers the questions you didn’t even know to ask. The tool does this without a single line of code and using a customized LLM you can ask questions of your data in plain english.

The nine esteemed judges at AMWE voted for dRISK to win startup of the year in the AI and Mobility Data field.