UKRI highlights dRISK’s Artificial intelligence tool for social distancing as a featured technical solution for tackling the impact of Covid-19

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have featured the dRISK social distancing toolbox in their technological solutions pages for tackling the impact of Covid 19.

Our work on this de minimis competition, which repurposed our existing object detection technology from monitoring traffic to monitoring pedestrian activity. This allowed us to create a ‘busyness’ map of London enabling commuters and shoppers to understand when was least busy to visit central London. This would allow users to plan their journey to minimise the risk of infection from the virus.

The tool also allows for case studies to be carried out on pedestrian crossings, traffic junctions and areas where the infrastructure makes it difficult to socially distance. Within a few hours, our tool is able to advise on improvements which could be made and thus keeping the public safe.

The tool is not only limited to the pandemic, it can be used to monitor usage of cycle lanes, parks, car parks as well as assisting councils on their drive towards vision zero. Vision zero is the UK governments drive towards zero road traffic deaths and serious injuries.

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