The Self-driving Crucible

27th Feb 2023 dRISK

Chess Stetson has published his thoughts on the current state of the Autonomous vehicle industry which seems like it is at a low point in the hype cycle just now. However, it is not all bad news as Chess and the dRISK team believe that if the autonomy goals changed from incremental improvements on normal driving, to demonstrating completely bombproof collision avoidance, we’d see autonomous technologies pay off sooner and spread faster. Instead of waiting for third parties to demonstrate risks of already-deployed systems and then NHTSA to issue recalls, AV developers, OEMs and Tier 1s should demonstrate comprehensive safety before new technologies are released. The consumer, as well as the transport authority, should expect AV developers to show extraordinary performance on avoiding hundreds of thousands of fatal collisions within highly sensor-realistic simulations with all the possible agents fully represented, followed up by hundreds of track tests. With this change in development philosophy, dRISK believes there’s a crash-free AV right around the corner.

Read the article via Medium here.