Showcasing the dRISK knowledge graph and trying out some of the latest autonomous driving technologies

11th Sep 2021 dRISK

The IAA mobility show in Munich was the first in-person industry event for dRISK after the global pandemic. CEO Chess Stetson and lead engineer Nils Goldbeck had productive meetings with customers and received lots of new interest for dRISK’s knowledge graph solutions that help AV developers and OEMs to train and test on edge cases.

The event was also a great opportunity for test drives in some of the latest vehicles with automated driving functions. We got a demonstration of how the Mercedes EQS automatically forms a “Rettungsgasse” when getting into a traffic jam, so that emergency vehicles can get through. Another highlight was the camera-based perception system developed by Qualcomm and Arriver that performed very well on detecting a wide range of vehicles and pedestrians on the motorways and local roads around Munich. While we don’t want to complain about the warm and sunny weather during the entire week, we did wonder how the different perception systems that were presented at IAA would perform in heavy rain or snow.

As keen cyclists, Chess and Nils were glad to see that the IAA developed from a motor to a mobility show and included many bicycle manufacturers, too. There was even a pump track in the outdoor area where we got to try out some electric mountain bikes.

We would like to thank the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) for selecting dRISK to showcase British AI and safety solutions in Munich, for connecting us with the right thought leaders in German industry and for all the logistical support.