dRISK’s UK based engineering team is growing again and has moved offices

18th Aug 2022 dRISK

…to central London

dRISK’s London team is growing again and has moved to new offices to central London. Following the successful closure of our Super Seed funding round with Foresight Williams and Stantec, we have been growing our engineering team as a means to scale up and also develop exciting new functionality within the business. To accommodate our larger team, we have moved from our offices in East London to a more centrally located office in the heart of London’s vibrant Holborn.

Katarina Cimesa joins us as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer who has worked at FeatureSpace and IBM. Katarina brings a wealth of experience in inference, especially machine learning and information theory, together with contemporary software technologies for big data.

We are also over the moon to invite our now-ex-Spacex engineer James Kelly as dRISK’s VP of Engineering! James’ career has touched nearly all sides of the GPU, from computer graphics to GPU-accelerated browser interfaces, and he is the perfect mind to help us represent both what the computer eye needs to see of simulated edge cases, and what the human eye needs to see of embedding projections.

In conjunction with the University of Cambridge, this year dRISK are running a summer internship program. We have taken on three summer interns to help us with our mission to make AV’s commercially viable by making them responsive and safe, no matter what the road conditions might be. Ananya Jeyappragash, Isaac Brant and Mohammed Yaseen (left to right), all join us during August and September and we hope to be able to make great use of their combined skillset in relation to dRISK’s core mission.

A very warm welcome to our new starters and interns.