dRISK’s Risk Aware AV perception features in the DIT UK Mobility Landscape Paper

23rd Jun 2021 dRISK

dRISK’s excellent relationship with the UK Department for International Trade continues and we are delighted to have been featured in the latest UK Mobility Landscape paper written by Tina Jager (DIT Germany).

The UK mobility landscape is constantly evolving and growing. In terms of the number of cars being sold, the UK is the most important export market for Germany. With the effort to decarbonise road transport, the UK is supporting the transition towards zero emission vehicles. The UK will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030, with all vehicles being required to have a significant zero emissions capability (e.g. plug-in and full hybrids) from 2030 and be 100% zero emissions from 2035.

Tina’s report highlights that the three key automotive trends in the UK at this time are Low Carbon technology, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and Lightweight materials.

dRISK.ai have been selected as pioneering the safety path for CAVs. Using dRISK for retraining, Autonomous Vehicles can detect and contend with edge cases 6x sooner and with 2x greater accuracy. dRISK has built a taxonomy of edge cases derived from massive and heterogeneous data focused on high risk — millions of hours of CCTV footage trained on high-risk intersections, full-text accident reporting, and extensive expert input from both transportation specialists and NASA experts in failure mode analysis. Integration is easy, and data can be delivered exclusively for perception retraining on fully annotated simulated and real-life data, or for full-stack AV risk assessment with hardware in the loop. dRISK’s customers include AV developers and the world’s largest insurers and transport authorities.

dRISK’s Risk Aware AV perception in action.

The full report can be seen here and the video dRISK prepared for this paper is available here.