dRISK’s London team is growing and moving to Plexal

1st Dec 2020 dRISK

We have been looking out for new talent to join our team in London all summer and we’re very happy that two highly skilled graduate engineers have now accepted our offer. Hugh Blayney recently completed his MSc in Computer Science at Oxford University with a dissertation on Graph Neural Networks. He is now working on further developing the dRISK knowledge graph. Lorenzo Niccolini earned his MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College London and has extensive experience in computer vision and deep learning. He will now accelerate the development of a new dRISK product that revolutionizes the training of perception networks. Mariya Pozdeyeva was dRISK’s first student intern this summer and successfully delivered a project that enhances our simulation capabilities. We are lucky that she agreed to keep helping us in this area as part-time simulation engineer while she continues her studies towards an MSc in Transport at Imperial College London.

Unfortunately, the London Connectory where dRISK has been based for the past 12 months is closing at the end of 2020. We are sad to say goodbye not only to a fantastic office space but also to an amazing community of startups, cooprorations and government agencies who were working in this vibrant hub to create the future of mobility. However, we are excited that we will start the new year at Plexal, the innovation centre and co-working space in the Olympic Park in East London. Plexal is home to over 700 innovators and many of them focus on developing Artificial Intelligence technologies that makes the world safer. dRISK is looking forward to becoming a member and connecting with new partners at this vibrant mobility hub!