D-RISK consortium wins £3M in grant funding

30th Jul 2018 dRISK

A consortium lead by dRISK has been awarded a research and development grant by the UK’s Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles. For this project, dRISK will partner with Claytex, DG Cities and Imperial College to commercialize a ground-breaking vehicle safety framework and AV training, test and validation platform.

“To build the city that safely drives itself, we start by building the technology to simulate and understand it. This funding will enable us to characterise the risk of the vast number of transportation edge cases and risk scenarios, use that comprehensive knowledge to validate AVs for safety in simulation, and provide that knowledge base to regulators in a usable form that will allow them to make good decisions”, says Chess Stetson, CEO of dRISK. “We were attracted to the UK by its forward-leaning industrial policy that provides significant resources to spur the development of consortia such as dRISK which will solve major mobility problems. Among the numerous other benefits that make the UK an ideal place to develop new technologies are its world class universities and its track record in science and technology, including high-performance automotive. In addition, the chance to develop our technology in an iconic transportation city such as London gives us a singular advantage so we can make meaningful progress swiftly.”